Bijan Jenab's Parviz Tanavoli Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Aydin Aghdashloo Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Abbas Kiarostami Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Honar Faslnameh Book Design

Art Journal 

Art journal is series of book -
showcasing wide range of works of
different artists and painters.

Nader Daii 

Nader Daii is Iranian photographer. This
book presents a comprehensive visual
survey of his entire photographs.

Bijan Jenab's Nader Daii Book Design

Tehran Past & Present 

Tehran Past & Present is series of books
introducing various aspects of life, art
and the architecture of the capital city
of Iran. The layout design of each page
is tied to iranian heritage and tradition
while keeping it functional and modern.

Bijan Jenab's Tehran Past & Present Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Ali Akbar Sadeghi Book Design

Ali Akbar Sadeghi 

Ali Akbar Sadeghi a graduate of the
College of Art, University of Tehran, is
one of the most prolific and successful
Iranian painters and artists. This book
showcases series of his works between

Universal Charter 
of Judgment

This book talks about the Declaration of
Human Rights written by Cyrus the
Great has been hailed as the first charter
of human rights, predating the Magna
Carta by nearly two millenniums (~1700
years) and in 1971 the United Nations
was published translation of it in all the
official U.N. languages.

Bijan Jenab's Universal Charter of Judgment Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Isfahan Pearl of Iran Book Design

Isfahan Pearl of Iran 

This book features different historical
scenes of Isfahan and calling the city
‘pearl of Iran’.

Contemporary Pottery 
of Iran

This book showcases series of works
exhibited at the fifth exhibition of
contemporary pottery of Iran.

Bijan Jenab's Contemporary Pottery Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Shahab Publishers Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Shahab Publishers Book Design

Shahab Publishers 

Series of books published and
distributed by Shahab publishers.

Sokhan Publishers 

Series of books published
and distributed by Sokhan publishers.

Bijan Jenab's Sokhan Publishers Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Sokhan Publishers Book Design

Miro Grabador 

Miro Grabador is a famous Spanish
painter and this book showcases
famous works of Miro Grabador.

Bijan Jenab's Miro Grabador Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Parvaneh Etemadi Book Design

Parvaneh Etemadi 

Parvaneh Etemadi is one of the most
remarkable contemporary Iranian
painters - this book showcases selection
of her works from 1966-1998.

Issue of Assembly on 
Art and Globalization

This book talks about the issues of
assembly on art and globalization.

Iran of iranian 

This book is photographs of Iranian nature.
text layout of this book is very unique
with the beautiful photos.

Bijan Jenab's Miro Iran of Iranian Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Issue of Assembely on Book Design

The First Tehran 
International Contemporary
Drawing Exhibition

This book contains the series of
drawings presented in The First International Contemporary Drawing Exhibition.

Bijan Jenab's Miro Grabador Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Shirin Ettehadieh Book Design

Shirin Ettehadieh 

Shirin Ettehadieh is a well known
Iranian painter.This book includes
painting with different techniques.
The design of this book is according to
the previous uniform and the color is very bright.

Mahmood Farshchain 

Designing a book of the biography
and works of Professor
Mahmoud Farshchian.

Bijan Jenab's Mahmood Farshchain Book Design
Bijan Jenab's Mahmood Dehnavi Book Design

Mahmood Dehnavi 

A collection of Mahmood Dehnavi's eching works

Bijan Jenab's Four Views Book Design

Four Views 

This book is a photography book of places
in Iran that was commissioned by Persian
Petroleum Company and supervised by
Kaveh Golestan.

Book Cover 

Book cover design by
Iranian artists photography.

Bijan Jenab's Memories & Glances Book Cover Design